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Katelyn Tan 탄회핑
31 May | Gemini
Singapore Blogger
Beauty | Fashion | Travel | Lifestyle
Loves to blog, shop, sing and travel
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Advertising and Sponsorship
for invites, sponsorships, reviews, advertorials, banner space and general enquiries, do email me at katelyn.tanhuiping@gmail.com

I am one of Boom Collective's Bloggers/Youtubers.
However, for advertising and sponsorships, you may still contact me directly :)

Disclosure: I do accept sponsorship/invites, but I’m not obliged to give only positive reviews about your product unless I genuinely like it after trying it. So all reviews are 100% honest :)


My Hair:
I have slightly dry hair with oily scalp.
Pro Trim Hair Salon is my official hair sponsor.
I can safely leave my hair in the care of Pro Trim Hair Salon.
You may find my series of blog posts here:
Katelyn's Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon


My Skin Type:
Since young I have acne issues due to my Oily Combinational Skin.
I've collaborated with IDS Clinic in the past to solve my skin issues.
I've also done a series of Katelyn's Skin Evolution with IDS Clinic blog posts.
Above is my current skincare routine.
As there are readers who are interested in those updates,
though I am no longer sponsored by IDS Clinic, I still do continue with those skin updates.


My Skin Tone:
I am normally using fair to medium shade foundations:
Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion #23
Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control #21
Chanel Mat Lumiere 22 Beige Rose
Make Up For Ever Pro Finish #120
Make Up For Ever HD Invisible N117

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